Community-Based Organization

“The Power of Patriotism”

(IK 43753740) registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and listed on the Unified State Register on 05.08.2020

The main purpose (aim) of the Organization is national-patriotic education, the building of civil society, and the creation of democratic values in Ukraine. 

Formation of national and cultural identity, national-patriotic world outlook, preservation and development of moral and spiritual values of the Ukrainian people; 

Awareness of the achievements of the Ukrainian people, their intellectual and spiritual heritage;

Development of activity, allegiance to  development of Ukraine, children, young generation, citizens of Ukraine shaping of civic,  national positions and sense of human worth;

Formation of more civic support of the processes of national-patriotic education, expansion of the role and opportunities of community-based organizations, strengthening the status of the family, active participation of volunteers, activists;

Coordinated effort and interaction of the public, its successful cooperation with public authorities and local governments in the field of national-patriotic education;

Ensuring systemic changes, achieving high quality, efficiency, purposeful and projected development in the field of national-patriotic education;

Promoting the consolidation of Ukrainian society around the ideas of a shared future, protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, reforms, and state-building; 

Improving the legal framework for national-patriotic education of the youth of Ukraine;

Strengthening the role of the Ukrainian language as a national value;

Ensuring proper organization of academic research and methodological work in the field of national-patriotic education; 

Study of modern educational systems, technologies, and methods in the field of national-patriotic education, generalization, and distribution of the best experience in this field;

Introduction of educational disciplines of spiritual and moral orientation as the basis of personality formation and the ground for national-patriotic education;

Formation of common standards of activity in the field of national-patriotic education and tools for their implementation;

Improving the professional competence of specialists in the field of national-patriotic education, establishing constructive interaction between the subjects of national-patriotic education;

Organization and coordination of informational and educational work in the field of national-patriotic education;

Implementation of measures aimed at strengthening the role of military service;

Regularization and improvement of the system of preliminary military training, training in military occupational specialties;

Prevention of negative behavior, crime, drug addiction, alcoholism among children and youth by involving children and youth in participation in activities of national-patriotic education;

Development of international cooperation with the countries of the European Union and other countries that successfully implement measures in the field of national-patriotic education;

Creating a system of effective monitoring in the field of national-patriotic education;

Conducting educational and training activities for children, youth, and adults;

Monitoring the implementation of current legislation;

Honoring the memory of Ukrainians;

Development of educational materials that create conditions for the harmonious development of personality, satisfaction needs of adolescents, pupils and students in historical education, the history of the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian Military Forces, encouragement to physical self-improvement, the study of military traditions and heroic events of the Ukrainian people, formation of national self-consciousness in children and youth, civil position.

The decision of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on state registration of symbols of the Community-Based Organization “The Power of Patriotism” dated February 12, 2021, 70/194.

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