Moscow's behaviour as an invader

According to the Russian writer F. Dostoevsky, “where the Moscow’s foot has stepped, there is the Moscow land”. A characteristic feature of Moscovia was and is the seizure of foreign territories. Being a backward state compared to neighbouring peoples, it tsars did not see any other way of enrichment, except for seizing foreign territories, guided by the principle “what is taken is holy”.

For 234 years, starting from 1228, Moscovia conducted 160 wars. From XIII to the XX century, its territory increased from 216 thousand sq. km. up to 23 million sq. km. This is evident from the following data: XIII cen. – 216,000 sq. km; XIV cen. – 560,000 sq. km; XV cen. – 8,720,000 sq. km; XVII cen. – 14,392,000 sq. km; XVIII cen. – 17,080,000 sq. km; XIX cen. – 22,000,000 sq. km; XX cen. – 23,000,000 sq. km.

The seizure of foreign territories by name is as follows: 1556 – Tatar Horde, 1581–1645 – Siberia, 1709 – Ukraine; 1721 – the Baltics and Finland, 1739 – Eastern Black Sea region, 1783 – Crimea, 1792 – Western Black Sea region, 1772–1792 – part of Poland, 1813 – Georgia, 1815 – the rest of Poland and Bessarabia, 1854 – Amur region, 1865 – Turkestan, 1881 – the cities of Khiva and Bukhara.

Bolshevik Moscovia continued wars: in 1917–1919 – with Ukraine, 1921 – Poland, 1921 – Kazakhstan and Georgia, 1922 – Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, 1929 – China, 1936 – Japan, 1939 – Finland, Poland, Romania, in 1941 – 1945 – with Germany – the Second World War, the victory in which the Russian Federation appropriated to itself with the arrival of Vladimir Putin to the post of President. He said: “We could have won without Ukraine,” and this insulted the people of Ukraine. In this war, 27 million people died, a third of them were Ukrainians, out of 2 million 800 thousand young people that were deported to Germany, 2 million 300 thousand were Ukrainians, the rest were Russians, Belarusians, Moldovans, representatives of many other nationalities from the occupied territories. The main enterprises of Ukraine were moved to the Urals, where they remained.

The T–34 tanks were created by Ukrainian scientists and designers, the rocket launcher Katyusha which played a decisive role in the Battle of Stalingrad, was designed by the outstanding Ukrainian scientist Sergei Pavlovich Korolev who later opened the way into space. Out of 15 marshals of the Red Army, 8 were ethnic Ukrainians.

The second proof of the inconsistency of Russia’s appropriation of Victory in the 1941–1945 war is the second front with the participation of armies and military equipment of such states as the USA, Great Britain and France. Without a second front, the military wave could roll back, especially since Germany was already close to creating weapons of mass destruction.

I am surprised by the celebration of the Victory in the war of the 75th and 76th anniversary in the Russian Federation at the state level takes place without the participation of Ukraine and some other states that survived the military occupation. Putin went so far as to remove the standards of 10 military fronts from the parade, half of which are Ukrainian fronts. The Ukrainian people did not deserve such humiliation. The amorphousness of the current leadership of the RF is obvious. The desecrating voice of Russia against Ukraine sounds on the political shows of Solovyov and rests on blatant lies.

Thus, Solovyov said that he, as a Jew, “hates Ukraine with all his gut”. How can this Jew say that, if thousands of Ukrainians were hiding Jews from the Nazis, risking their lives! By the way, Ukraine took 4th place in the world for saving Jews from Hitler’s persecution. By insulting the people of Ukraine, Solovyov thereby sows enmity between Ukraine and Russia since he is a preacher of Russian ideology. At the same time, he declares: “Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians are one people”.

If we proceed from Putin’s logic of the conqueror, then we are on the verge of a third world war, but this time with the use of a nuclear arsenal. The RF has enshrined in its Constitution the right of the prevalence of Russian laws over international ones. Thus, the right of Russia to extend its invasive methods to any territory of independent states is legitimized. The right to world robbery is alleged.

At a meeting with Moscow schoolchildren, Putin asks the question: “Where does the border of Russia end?” The boy is trying to answer from the textbook. But Putin interrupts him and says himself: “Russia has no borders”. This is a demonstration that Putin’s Russia sees itself as the world’s hegemon. And the way it acts at present makes us say that the world space and the peoples living in it are under the threat of enslavement.

The RF has already shown its dishonesty by signing the Budapest Nuclear–Free Memorandum in 1994, according to which it was supposed to guarantee Ukraine’s security. Instead, V. Putin seized Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Syria is in Putin’s animal paws. Putin is dangerous to the whole world. His ideological “machine” carries evil and hatred.

The question arises, what role does the UN play? Isn’t it time to create an international tribunal to bring to justice both the conquerors of foreign territories and those who propagandize wars of conquest?

I am surprised by the position of some European countries. Thus, Mrs Merkel became dependent on Putin, supporting the construction of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, instead of using the Ukrainian gas pipeline. In this way, Germany gave Putin a political key with which the RF can influence Europe.

Hungary’s policy is also short-sighted, which issues its passports to Ukrainian citizens, interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine in the same way as Russia in the Donbas. Vladimir Putin himself recently said on television: “This is our Russian people and we will not allow Ukraine to order there”, “we will put civilians in front, and our troops will stand behind them, and let them try to shoot civilians”. The strategy and practice of Hitler’s occupiers are plain to see here.

Throughout the seven years of war in Donbas, Putin said: “We are not there”. And where did the miners get the tanks, artillery installations, etc.? More than 100 thousand Russian servicemen and hundreds of types of heavy weapons are concentrated on the Ukrainian border.

Putin can’t be trusted. The entire policy of the RF is built on lies: in politics, in history, in the economy, in everyday life. Secretly, Ukraine for Putin is just a prelude to a thundering military band. He intends to capture all of Europe.

He managed to withdraw Great Britain from the European Union, develop separatism in Spain, and the “Yellow Vests” protesters in Paris showed the weakness of the French regime and incitement from Russia. When asked by a journalist on the street of Paris, one of the protesters answered in Russian. There are plenty of such Russian “protesters” in America and other countries.

The disruptive work of Russians has no boundaries. It originates from the Soviet KGB (Committee for State Security). During the existence of the USSR, there were 300 thousand Soviet spies in all countries of the world who probably remained there to this day. Enormous sums of money are spent on their maintenance in the conditions of the miserable existence of ordinary Russians.

The event of a planetary scale in 2020 was the fight against the infectious disease “coronavirus”, created artificially in the laboratories of some countries. The media emphasizes the Chinese origin of the virus, although the participation of other countries is not excluded. But the unconditional fact is that the virus in the 21st century is directed against humanity and the overpopulation of the planet Earth has become the main motivation. It’s just a monstrous motive.

Instead of villainous actions, attention should be focused on the development of new sources of energy that can satisfy the needs of humanity. There are first such orienting points. In Germany and Ukraine, a technology for producing energy from water is being developed. Imagine the oceans and seas. If you turn water into energy, then population growth is not threatened. Therefore, it is necessary to focus scientific developments in the direction of saving mankind as a whole. Give more importance to the scientists and virology, and control over them by the public.

A person’s spirituality requires a detailed study. Some do not believe in God others remember him only when they go to church, light a candle and think that they can behave as they want. Putin also lights a candle, but at the same time, gives orders to kill people. In Ukraine, fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych similarly communicated with God. This Donetsk ex-con, a thief and a rapist in Putin’s service, robbed Ukraine. Almost for nothing, he leased the navy to the RF for 25 years. After that, Russia occupied the entire Crimea.

The aggressiveness of the RF rests on nuclear potential and other types of weapons. Ukraine became a nuclear-free state, and the entire nuclear potential with the help of the United States was transferred to the RF. So when creating an aggressive Russian state, the United States also made some efforts. Peacefulness and kindness in the modern world are seen as weaknesses. Trust has been trampled. Ukraine is humiliated.

And this is the worst thing for both the individual and the state. Folk wisdom says: “Do not believe the one who gently speaks”. And this hypocrisy was a hard lesson for the Ukrainian people, and yet these are smart and talented people.

With the emergence of the coronavirus, the world community has shown how selfish people have become during the pandemic. Strong and rich states have closed themselves within their borders, while weak economies are waiting for “alms” from the strong. But the disease is overall, death is overall.

It would appear that with the growth of technological progress, the world community should be more loyal and kind. But there isn’t. The arms race spares neither people nor nature. A country like the RF justifies its militaristic behaviour by some kind of “Russian interests”, the way of which is to be realized through war.

The desire to recreate the former Soviet Union mobilizes the propaganda machine headed by V. Solovyov, M. Simonyan and others into a complete lie. For more than 70 years, Russian newsreels showed Soviet citizens and the whole world the fact that the Nazis burned civilians of the Belarusian village of Khatyn in a barn. As soon as Putin seized Crimea and unleashed a war in Donbas, Russian bawlers announced that these villagers were allegedly burned by Ukrainian Banderas, that is, Ukrainian patriots.

Firstly, the Belarusians have never been hostile to Ukraine, and secondly, the propaganda of the Russian Federation is silent about the fact that Russian generals Vlasov with an army of 1 million people and Krasnov with 800 thousand people went over to Hitler’s side. At present, the Vlasov movement in Russia is growing, only now they are already opposing Putin.

Dissatisfaction is growing in all Russian provinces, with all the wealth of the Russian Federation, the people do not feel this wealth. Russia boasts of the construction of gas pipelines, for which hundreds of billions of rubles are spent from the budget. While more than a third of the Russian population does not use gas. Russians heating themselves with firewood, and where they take it? “From the forest, obviously, the father, do you hear, chops, and I take it away”. (Nikolay Nekrasov extract from “Peasant kids”) By the way, not so long ago, the State Duma of the RF banned chopping wood for firewood, leaving people with the opportunity to use the so-called deadwood, that is, various brushwood.

For all the years of Soviet power, Ukraine was the main supplier of gas to Moscow and Leningrad. Having pumped out all the Ukrainian gas, the Russians began to harm Ukraine.

Recently, Russia has declared that Kyiv is the mother of Russian cities. Only the Russians appeared not so long ago, and if we approach it historically, then there is no thousand-year history. Moscovia stole and steals from Ukraine – it appropriated Kyivan Rus, even a traditional dish of Ukrainian cuisine borscht Russian propagandists called “Russian borscht”. But then Kyivan Rus was developing, Moscovia did not exist yet.

During a visit to France, Putin at a reception with French President Macron said that “the Russian princess Anna became the wife of the king of France”. After these words, Macron smiled. When the daughter of the Kyiv Prince Yaroslav the Wise Anna got married, birches still were growing in the place of Moscow.

Moscovia appeared after the Kyiv prince Yuri Dolgoruky built a Moscow fort as a fortified settlement, the so-called outpost of Kyivan Rus from the raids of northern peoples. At the celebration of this event, the language of communication between the guests was the Old Ukrainian language, which is confirmed by the chronicler.

The ruling elite of the modern RF consists of people of Mongolian origin. This is the Minister of Defense, the Mayor of Moscow, and Putin himself at the head. As Vladimir Lenin used to say, “don’t say who you are, but tell me who your friends are”.

The flirtation of the current leadership of the RF with the Asians will lead to the devastation of its territory, which is reminded by the Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov in the program Besogon. All Siberia is in the hands of the Chinese. The land was leased at negligible prices, and the use of intensive agrochemical methods of tillage will lead to its sterility. China is the world’s leading timber exporter. Taiga is massively cut down and burned.

But there are also natural factors for the worsening of the situation in Siberia. As a result of the rise in temperature on Earth, the use of permafrost becomes problematic. The accident in Norilsk showed that due to climatic changes, problems with the stability of heavy structures on complex soils, which include permafrost, in only one settlement led to financial losses of more than 12 billion rubles. Considering that 70% of the territory of the RF or 11 million sq. km belongs to permafrost, it becomes obvious that it is impossible to extract minerals in these territories.

According to some Russian scientists, in case of warming by one degree, permafrost can thaw out in 6 years. I think that this circumstance is also a motive for the seizure of foreign territories in other geographic zones.

There was a time when Ukrainians did not allow the conquest of Europe by the Tatar-Mongols, stopping them in the Carpathians. With the help of the international community Ukraine can stop the aggression of the RF. Delay in this matter is tantamount to death.

professor Volodymyr Matvienko


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