Volodymyr Pavlovich

Hero of Ukraine (2004) First Head of the Ukrainian National Bank Governing Body. (1991-1992)

Head of the Prominvestbank Governing Body (1992-2008)

Professor, full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian technological Academy, Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences, honorary member of the Ukrainian Academy of architecture. Honored Artist of Ukraine.

In 1997 Volodymyr Matvienko created the Kiev Institute of banking and was its permanent rector for 14 years.


He was awarded the following orders: “Friendship of Peoples” (1986), Prince Yaroslav the Wise V and IV degrees (1997, 2002), “For Merit” III degree (1996), “Glory for Loyalty to the Fatherland” III and II degrees (1999 and 2000), “For Outstanding Achievements” III degree (2001), “For the development of Ukraine” IV degree (2000), Saint Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir the great of the UOC (2000) “For Patriotism” of the UOC (2001), “For Church Merit” of the UOC (2002) and others, as well as numerous medals, honorary certificates of the Supreme Soviet (Verkhovna Rada) of the Ukrainian SSR(1988) honorary certificates of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine (2003), the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2004).

He has the honorary title of “Person of the year” 1998-1999, awarded by the International Biographical center (England). His name is listed in the International Biographical Directory of famous intellectuals and reference books “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the XXI Century”, “500 Outstanding Figures of the New Millennium”, “Outstanding Thinkers of the XXI Century”.

Knight of the Order of honor of the International personnel Academy (2000) and the diplomatic order (2001) awarded by the American Biographical Institute for his professional achievements and international recognition.

Winner of the International Awards” Druzhba “(Friendship) and” Slavs”, multiple winner of the International Open popularity and quality rating of goods and services” Golden Fortune”, winner of the Prometheus prestige award of the VI National Program” person of the year 99 “In the category” Financier of the Year”.

Member of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine.

Author of many monographs and books, particularly: “The State and Banks” (1996), “Autograph on Hryvnia” (2000), “Banker’s Thoughts” (2002), “Prominvestbank: Strategy of Reproduction” (2002), “Philosophical and Economic Views” (2003), “Desirable and Effective (whether the classics are right)” (2003), “My village” (2004), “Planet of Life” (2006), “Independently in Life” (2007), “Your Son, Ukraine” (2012).

Author of poetry and song collections “I Love My Ukraine” (1997), “On My Native Lands” (1999), “My Star Song” (2001), “My Soul Is Full of Worries” (2001), “Amulet of memory” (2001), “Ukraine’s In My Heart” (2008) and a collection of aphorisms “Witty Words” (2005).

Awarded the honorary badge of distinction of the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine “For Achievements In the Development of Culture and Arts” (2004). Winner of all-Ukrainian song competitions and festivals “Song of the Year”, “Song Vernissage”, “Sunny Skif”, “Revived Springs” and others.


Adviser to the Hetman of the NGO “Cossacks of Zaporozhye” on economic issues. He has Cossack awards of the NGO “Cossacks of Zaporozhye”: the golden star “Hero of the Cossacks”, the order of the intercession of II and III degrees, the order of” Cossack glory “of I-III degrees. Order of “Hetman Baida Vishnevetsky” I-III degrees.

According to the official certificate of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, the minor planet, discovered on September 5, 1978 (No. 6622), was named “Matvienko” in honor of Professor Volodymyr Pavlovich Matvienko, a well-known Ukrainian scientist in economics,  the Head of the Ukrainian Prominvestbank Governing Body

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