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I Love My Ukraine

This is the first collection of poetry by Volodymyr Matvienko. In the collection, the memories and past experiences are described by the author, especially the milestones of his biography.  He is our contemporary and a well-known person in Ukraine and abroad, a theoretician and practitioner of Banking, who with his poetic word once again shows a timeless truth that man does not live by bread alone.

Kyiv 1997



Amulet of memory

This is the first collection of poetry by Volodymyr Matvienko. In the collection, the memories and past experiences are described by the author, especially the milestones of his biography.  He is our contemporary and a well-known person in Ukraine and abroad, a theoretician and practitioner of Banking, who with his poetic word once again shows a timeless truth that man does not live by bread alone.

Kyiv 1997

Ukraine’s In My Heart

The melodic, poetic language of the songwriter Volodymyr Matvienko, its excitement, purity, sincerity attracted the attention of many famous artists, which led to the writing of more than 100 songs that show the original and powerful image of the Ukrainian arts and cultural present.

Kyiv Musical Ukraine 2008  


My Star Song

The songbook contains new lyrical and patriotic songs by contemporary Ukrainian composers on poems of the famous poet, scientist, Board Chairman of Prominvestbank Volodymyr Matvienko. In several works, the poet acts as a composer. 

Kyiv Musical Ukraine 2001 


My Soul Is Full of Worries

The collection includes songs and choirs written by teachers of the Music Department of Kamianets-Podilskyi State Pedagogical University, members of the National All-Ukrainian Music Union on the poems of the famous poet, scientist, academician Volodymyr Matvienko.

Kyiv Musical Ukraine 2001

Your Son, Ukraine

In the book V.P. Matvienko summarizing his 75th year of life, he tells how a boy from the village of Bilka, Zhytomyrska oblastʼ becomes recognized and a highly professional specialist, poet, philanthropist, thanks to hard work, hedonism, ability to work, desire to acquire new knowledge.

Kyiv Scientific View 2012

Independently in Life

The book is devoted to reflections on human values that shape each person as an individual. Describing his life and career, the author tries to analyze the development of such important human qualities as patriotism, love of family, and Ukraine.

Kyiv Scientific View 2007

On My Native Lands

This second collection of poetry describes the creative biography of its author, a well-known economist and banker in Ukraine Volodymyr Matvienko. But poetry and songs are like his second life-giving wing. So, the soul of a public figure, statesman, and poet is always inspired.   

Kyiv Ukrainian Writer 1999


Banker Professor Poet

The book tells about the life and career of V.P. Matvienko, his multifaceted activities as a specialist, poet, philanthropist. The role of V.P. Matvienko is described as the ideological inspirer of the Party for National Economic Development of State (PNERU), which professes the following ideology: Power of National Growth. 

Kyiv 2012

Planet of Life

The author of the book, a well-known economist, professor V.P. Matvienko aims to tell readers simply and clearly about the complex development of vast outer space. Descriptions of the planets of the solar system and their satellites are given. The ways of experience the Universe from Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and Einstein to modern scientific researches are revealed. 

Kyiv Scientific View 2006

Witty Words

To the attention of readers is offered a collection of Witty words supplemented with new expressions, which includes witty interesting expressions, humorous sketches that related to various aspects of our live, as well as areas of the author’s professional activity. All expressions are illustrated.  

Kyiv Scientific View 2005


Our Kozachenky

The founder of the children’s Kozak Organization Kozachenky, Hero of Ukraine, professor V.P. Matvienko. His scientific, philosophical, and creative works are the basis of a new worldview philosophy of Ukrainian children patriots.

Kyiv 2008

Autograph on Hryvnia

From the point of view of a banker with more than 40 years of experience, Volodymyr Matvienko covers the turbulent events of the 1990s, XX century, the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence, the establishment of the banking system, the production and introduction of the national currency.

Kyiv Scientific View 2000


The State and Banks

This book contains publications by Volodymyr Matvienko, the First Board Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, Board Chairman of Prominvestbank of Ukraine, were published in the newspaper Democratic Ukraine.

Democratic Ukraine 1996


Banker’s Thoughts

The book contains articles, interviews, reports, and speeches of a well-known financier and public figure, Board Chairman of Prominvestbank Volodymyr Matvienko. Topical issues of economic development and reformation are discussed in a highly professional, interested, and at the same time intelligible way. 

Kyiv Scientific View 2002 

Desirable and Effective (whether the classics are right)

Each of us after achieving their objectives has the right to approve, that he owes it not only to chance but also to those principles of his consciousness that predetermine his fate from the present to the future. these principles are discussed here. For the author, these principles are the laws of dialectics.  


Prominvestbank: Strategy of Reproduction

The book by famous financiers and public figures, Board Chairman of Prominvestbank, Professor, People’s Deputy of Ukraine V.P. Matvienko. The authors introduce readers to more than 80 years of history of the largest financial institution of domestic production.

Kyiv Scientific View 2002  


The Efficiency of Bank Management

The collection contains reports and speeches of the Research and Practice Seminar by leading specialists of Prominvestbank, dedicated to the bank management. The taxation issues and juridical protection of the bank interests, profitability management, financial risks, information technologies and the bank’s staff are considered in detail.

Kyiv Scientific View 2003

Philosophical and Economic Views

Philosophy and economics. At first glance, these are two different areas. One determines consciousness, the other one being. Most philosophical researchers abstract from everyday life, economic relations, preferring pure philosophy. Hume’s agnosticism, Hegel’s idealistic dialectic, Feuerbach’s anthropological materialism narrowed philosophy to other questions, separated human thought from real life.


Internal Control and Audit in Prominvestbank

Material of the Research and Practice Seminar Internal control in the implementation of banking activities and the audit organization in the institutions of Prominvestbank, 22-26 September 2003 / ed. by V.P. Matvienko. – К.: Scientific View, 2004. – 415 p. – (The Banker School).

In Ukraine, like in the Temple

The title of the collection: In Ukraine Like in the Temple speaks for itself, expresses the position of the author, writer-patriot, son of Ukraine. The poet’s life and creative path can be visible through the poetic lines. The poems impress with their sincerity, simplicity, and national identity. 

Build Our Ukraine

This collection contains almost all the poems written by the author during his long creative biography. The themes of his poetry are diverse, but it highlights the patriotic theme, love for Ukraine, boundless devotion to it, confidence in its victory over enemies and faith in the bright future of the Ukrainian people. 

Hard Times

The book covers the problems of formation and development of the banking system of Ukraine in difficult economic and political conditions, the history and features of the Ukrainian currency hryvnia, the first steps and formation of the economy of independent Ukraine and the impact of these processes on our country.

The Power of Patriotism

The publication is dedicated to the Museum-Studio Power of Patriotism of the Hero of Ukraine Volodymyr Matvienko. The Museum hosts different events in which Vladimir Pavlovich often participates. In addition to getting acquainted with the exposition of the Museum-Studio, meetings are organized with war veterans in the East of Ukraine because honest serving one’s country is an integral part of patriotism.

From a Global Standpoint

In the book, author argues that any interference in the functioning of the universe nature can lead to irreversible consequences for people and the Earth. He illustrates this idea with current events: the consequences of the destructive power of nuclear energy, the production of technologies for obtaining energy from water, the progressive warming of the climate. 

Signs of the Age

The author attempts to show the aggressive nature of the leadership of the Russian Federation during the presidency of Vladimir Putin, whose first steps were provided with the statement that Russia would have been able to win the war of 1941-1945 without Ukraine. His audacity does not correspond to reality. 

Nuclear-free Memorandum

The second book from the series Hard Times. The work is devoted to the sad and painful events of the Ukrainian state in 1994-2016. It is impossible to read without excitement and sadness about the plundering of military weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the sale and destruction of Ukraine’s nuclear potential, the tragic fate of the Black Sea Fleet of Ukraine. 

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