According to the Russian writer F. Dostoevsky, “where the Moscow’s foot has stepped, there is the Moscow land”. A characteristic feature of Moscovia was and is the seizure of foreign territories. Being a backward state compared to neighbouring peoples, its tsars did not see any other way of enrichment, except for seizing foreign territories, guided by the principle “what is taken is holy”.

On June 6, 1991, the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic recognized Volodymyr Pavlovich Matvienko as the Head of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine. The Soviet Union was still in existence when from the rostrum of the Supreme Soviet session Volodymyr Matvienko voted for establishment of the banking system of independent Ukraine, implementation of the national currency – hryvnia and international settlements through the National Bank of Ukraine. In the words of the then head of the State Bank of the USSR Viktor Gerashchenko, “Matvienko had ruined the Soviet Union”.

Congratulations to leavers of Ukrainian schools from V.P. Matvienko

Dedicated to graduates of Ukrainian schools. Entering the big world, improve your knowledge, create beloved Ukraine and serve it faithfully.
Good luck and happiness in life.

Best Regards ,

Hero of Ukraine.                                                                                Volodymyr Matvienko,

I give you my song “My school”

May 2021.

Bank Workers' Day

Bank Workers’ Day is a professional holiday in Ukraine. It is celebrated annually on the 20th day of May.

The holiday was officially introduced in Ukraine due to «… essential role of the banking sector and substantial contribution of the banking sector employees to the growth of economy and securing of the financial stability of the country» by the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the Bank Workers’ Day” № 316/2004 dated 6th  of March, 2004

Since the 2000s, all humanity has expected the peaceful development of the planet in the third millennium. But man proposes, and God disposes. Instead of reasonable steps, we have so-called “peace wars” on the part of those states that pretend to be peace-makers…

Today is the Chornobyl Disaster Remembrance Day. We express our consideration and respect to  those people who sacrificed their lives  in the struggle against this  ghastly technogenic disaster….

To Nadiia Savchenko, a hero of Ukraine

Dear Nadiia! In the face of  the vicious enemy of Ukraine you have shown dedication to mother Ukraine scarifying your own life but we all, the Ukrainian people, need you alive…

At the break of 2000  people in the world were expecting a better life without wars and impoverishment. Advances of civilization laid the groundwork for solving many vital problems and meeting people’s demand for food, medicine and other essential needs..

The military aggression that has been initiated by Russia against Ukraine recently provides evidence of the Kremlin’s imperial ambitions…

On the 24th  of August, 1991 Verkhovna Rada of USSR passed an Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. A year later, on  the 20th  of February, 1992 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine introduced this day as Ukraine’s Independence Day. But only in 1990, on the  16th of July, Verkhovna Rada of USSR passed a Declaration of the State Sovereignty of Ukraine that brought Ukraine to its current status…

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