A long journey from Chornobyl

Today is the Chornobyl Disaster Remembrance Day. We    express our consideration and respect to  those people who sacrificed their lives  in the struggle against this  ghastly technogenic disaster.

We will discover the outcomes of an unprofessional, irresponsible and negligent conduct of the public officials in the years following. We do not have the right to forget this chapter of our history and those people who have been eliminating the damage caused by accident.

«Accelerated construction works over the IV power generation unit of Chornobyl nuclear station, faulty workmanship as well as the overcharged scope of works resulted in the low quality auto-protection ability of the reactor. If the auto-protection  technology-specific rules had been adhered to the radioactive mass would not have exploded into atmosphere and would not have impacted the people and environment the way it did.  The Budbank as a member of the State Commission did not sign the commissioning certificate due to the unreadiness of the IV unit in respect of the failure to secure its disaster protection (note: Volodymyr Matviienko held the position of the Chief Executive of the Branch of the USSR Budbank in the Ukrainian Republic. But nobody cared about. Rule skepticism resulted in ghastly technogenic disaster»

«On your own» by Volodymyr Matviienko

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