Escalation of hatred

At the break of 2000  people in the world were expecting a better life without wars and impoverishment. Advances of civilization laid the groundwork for solving many vital problems and meeting people’s demand for food, medicine and other essential needs. Settlement of the certain international rules of being and advancement of the role of international organizations such as UN guaranteed peace in the world.

But still the world has not become free from danger. In many countries persons bearing imperial ambitions  and acting under the “divide and rule” principle has come into power, and all these events are taking place in the world that is empowered with nuclear weapon that is enough to explode our planet. Disarmament has not become a code of policy for Russia as well. By signing the Budapest Memorandum USA, Great Britain and Russia have provided guarantees to Ukraine as to its security in return of its nuclear disarmament. As it turned out this code of conduct was not a rule for Russia. It has been a month since Russian troops have occupied Crimea that is part of sovereign country of Ukraine.

Being the third largest nuclear weapon state, Ukraine did away with nuclear warhead in order to make the world safer. As the common folk say “no good deed goes unpunished”. And Russia turned its arms against Ukraine. This precedent calls any international acts signed by Russia into question and can become a trigger for nuclear war that will kill-off life on the planet. How restless one’s fantasy should be to resort to such a move?

Take the prescient words by Taras Shevchenko  to your heart:

Mend your way

All the people in this world

Both the kinglets and the old men

Children of Adam

You are being drawn towards abysm

Throughout the period after the Second World War the Russians used to ask question: “Do the Russians want war?”. Mr. Putin, ask the silence if the Russians want war? Or ask the soldiers buried under the pine trees “On unremembered nameless hights” if they want war?

The more interesting the motivation for Crimea occupation is. The thing is that Russians reside over there. But do you know the place where the Russians do not reside? Then maybe Russian troops shall occupy other countries as well? Statement on protection of the Russian language is not consistent with reality.

Another motive for Russian aggression is the Banderite threat that has been also one of the propaganda slander since the time of liberation struggle of the Western Ukraine against People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. And the real terrifying thing was a Russian general  Vlasov who came over to Hitlerite Germany with a one million army.

The contribution of Ukrainians to the victory over the fascism cannot be overemphasized, though Putin keeps telling that “Russians would have been able to defeat the enemy even without Ukrainian contribution”. So whom the second, the third, the forth Ukrainian fighting troops were at war with? Regarding Ukrainian nationalism it turns out that Russia does not have any. So where do the mottos like “Russia is for Russians” come from? If rather historically it has been sounding more like chauvinism, like something fluffy and plain.

It is argued by the Russians that they are Great Russians and Ukrainians are the Little Russians. Where does this supremacy come from? 

In the times of Bogdan Khmelnytskyi there was a historical treaty with Russia that was violated by the latter upon its signing. It resulted in Russia’s over 300 -year supremacy over Ukraine. In 1918 Lenin also promised Ukraine a brighter future but finally suppressed Ukrainian liberty with Bolshevik troops. Now everything comes around. And this happens in the  XXI century.

And another interesting fact. Why hatred towards Ukrainians is hidden behind the motto of the “Slavic brothers ” . Escalation of hatred of Ukraine and Ukrainians has been lasting for the historical period of our co-existence. What is that: the supremacy of Russian mentality or hidden jealousy of everything of Ukrainian origin that turns into hatred? Is it your intellectual supremacy or intellectual deficiency? Ukraine has given you science, technology progress, advances in the space technology and other things.

And if the Russians really were a “big” brother why  they allowed for the Mongol-Tatar invasion, the Bolshevik coup in 1917 when all nations of the former Tsarist Empire were put to concentration camps, why the Holodomor occurred, why millions of people were thrown into the vortex of the Second World War?

Why are you fretting about the Kyivan Rus you are originating from?


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