The power of patriotism: a generational dialogue

The day of dignity and freedom this year was marked by an important event: a meeting of Kiev schools students called “Dialogue of Generations…The Power of patriotism” was held in the Volodymyr Matvienko Museum-studio “The Power of patriotism”. The meeting was held in the format of a free discussion, where, on the one hand, Volodymyr Matvienko spoke about his own experience of managerial and creative activities through the prism of respect for the Fatherland. He highlighted that patriotism is an inseparable sign of a worthy person, which should exist even in conditions of totalitarian power, crisis or war. This is a strong belief to be useful to both yourself and your own people, which is always manifested by actions, not words. 
 Also on the part of then “elder ” generation, the discussion was attended by Anton Columbet, Deputy Chairman of the Kiev City Union of ATO veterans, and Denis Gorlach and Dmitry Primachenko, ATO veterans, who spoke about their own understanding of patriotism and its importance in war conditions. The Teachers’ Corps was represented by directors and deputy directors of Kiev schools, as well as Victoria Chelombitko, First Deputy Head of the Education, Science, Youth and Sports Department of the Kyiv City State Administration. The students themselves discussed how important love for the Fatherland is in the current political situation in the country, how it should manifest itself, considered the  foreign countries experience and, of course, expressed their own understanding of such a complex and multifaceted concept as “patriotism”. This generational dialogue was the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between the museum-studio and the  Kiev schools assets.


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