Ukraine will go on!

The military aggression that has been initiated by Russia against Ukraine recently provides evidence of the Kremlin’s imperial ambitions. Under the guise of daily equivocation, evilly hiding their  faces behind black masks Russian soldiers  are bossing around in Crimea holding their rifles and  machine guns on Ukrainian military men, soldiers and peaceful strikers.

I’m not only surprised with but also feeling really sorry about the fact that the supreme lawmaking body of Russia headed by Valentyna Matviienko  a native of Ukraine, has given consent to these actions. I’m embarrassed with the fact that my last name is the same with the surname of this lady who has placed herself in enmity to peaceful Ukrainian people and actually in enmity to her mother land. There are many deputies of Ukrainian origin in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine such as Kolesnichenko who have been lobbying for pro-Kremlin interests for years,  thus provoking interethnic tension.

I’m frequently asked

What the most dangerous thing for the country is?

I’m responding: the janissary being hidden somewhere in the human

Bearing its fierce stinger

Along with that the janissaries are not about being a human

But about being villainy and cunning 

By ignoring international treaties, the United Nations Organization, as well as the guarantees provided  by USA, Great Britain and Russia itself to Ukraine related to nuclear disarmament,  the President of Russia Putin has thrown the gauntlet to the whole world.  One needs to have a rampant imagination to be guided by medieval views in the XXI century.

Ukraine will go on

Until people are alive

And the foreign megrim

Won’t make us fail to survive 

 I would rather refrain from criticizing the predecessors of Ukrainian leaders but I have to admit that officials who have been engaged in foreign policy and national security might have been naïve stating that “Nothing is threatening safety of Ukraine”.  This happened not only due to reason that they did not realize the situation,  but also due to the fact that national security was  not controlled by security agencies and the army was actually sold out and plundered by criminous authorities. Some of the public officials were involved in the  security issues and were masterminds of some rider attacks. The billionaires whose bank accounts with Western Banks have been blocked  recently, are also enemies of the country.

The Maidan coup removed the bandit authorities that had stolen everything from the Ukrainian people except for their love for Ukraine, patriotism and enduring quest for liberty. Each Ukrainian bears Ukraine in his heart. Millions of volunteer fighters are ready to protect Ukraine

Mother Ukraine protect your sons

Family roots of your maple and ash trees

Do you hear the song of the nightingales?

Those are your soldiers, sowers of yours

Mother Ukraine protect their destinies

To prevent soldiers from falling herewith

Mother Ukraine we are not bloomy sage

For your  liberty we are ready to display courage

By Volodymyr Matviienko

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