A sign of the epoch "peace war"

Since the 2000s, all humanity has expected the peaceful development of the planet in the third millennium. But man proposes, and God disposes. Instead of reasonable steps, we have so-called “peace wars” on the part of those states that pretend to be peace-makers.

That is Russia, a country that has treacherously occupied the Ukrainian Crimea, make war in Donbas with the use of modern weapons, and is also threatening with a nuclear fire attack. The rocket attacks are more violent than during the Battle of Stalingrad. 

Why is the leadership of the Russian Federation behaving so barbarously? That is due to two circumstances. Firstly, Russia, like tsarism has an imperial nature with its forcible methods of the subjection of other peoples. The aggressive nature of modern Russia has regard to the militarization of the economy.  

Secondly, the imperfection of the mechanism of international relations gives Russia a free hand in its aggressive actions.

The United Nations does not act as a world arbitrator. At the same time, a barbaric forces reign in the world. No one is responsible for the non-fulfillment of international agreements.

In 1994, Ukraine signed a memorandum with the United States, Britain, and Russia on the renunciation of nuclear weapons. It was a national tragedy after the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986, which claimed thousands of people and caused great losses to Ukraine’s economy for hundreds of years. It was not an accident. It was a crime of the Soviet authorities. The station was put into operation during the unfinished works for the emergency safety system of the nuclear unit. 

There is a version about a thermal abuse of the unit as a result of an experiment conducted by 23 physicists to create plasma for nuclear explosives. When the process became uncontrollable and the plant workers had to be stopped, Moscow not only rejected this act but also threatened with prison. The result is an explosion in the open atmosphere, loss of lives, the spread of radiation around the world:

Chernobyl is a word like an alarm bell,

Then is our hell, our destiny…

No way back,

The horror of the night.

Open your eyes!

It’s not time yet!

Guilty persons are still between us…

As for the memorandum, Russia was not going to act as a guarantor of Ukraine’s security. Instead, the state begins to spread terror in Donbas. Tens of thousands dead and crippled became victims of the so-called “ruskava mira” in Donbas, destroyed infrastructure in Donetska and Luhanska oblast’.

The occupation of a large territory of Ukraine is the beginning of the Third World War under the conditions of nuclear explosives accumulation. 

Under such conditions, the inactive European states over severe sanctions against Russian aggression could lead to Putin’s campaign in Europe. And no easing of sanctions against Russia for the sake of business for any European country is unacceptable, not worth the high price of European civilization.

It is difficult to predict the foreign policy of the new US president, but it is hoped that the United States needs peace on earth as much as Ukraine. I would like to say that, as the First Board Chairman of the National Bank of Independent Ukraine, I had an hour-long meeting with billionaire Trump in 1991, which took place in his office in New York. He presented me two of his books, The Way to the Top and Surviving at the Top. My invitation to visit Ukraine was accepted with the next words: “Vladimir, I will come to you and bring your bank 35 million US dollars.” I had an opinion about him as a significant financier of the American economy. The meeting with the prominent financier D. Soros was also very frank and friendly, he recommended the example of the United States how to establish its own monetary system in Ukraine.

These meetings concerned the introduction of a self-designed economic mechanism in Ukraine. However, the practical actions of the Ukrainian authorities repeated the Russian scheme of privatization, which has not been realized. Then Verkhovna Rada rejected my proposal to privatize the property on the basis of credit. It is a pity because for this purpose there were credit resources from the banking system.

The United States, as the guarantor of Ukraine’s security, was obliged by the Budapest Memorandum to stop the Kremlin’s aggression. Ukraine is forced to restore its nuclear shield. The policy of a nuclear attack promoted by Moscow must be condemned by all countries of the world because this policy is criminal and its propaganda is immoral.

Russia’s supreme legislative authority, the State Duma, has given Putin the right to use force against certain countries under the matter of protecting Russian-speaking citizens. If we follow this logic, then there are Russians in every country. So, should Russian military forces be introduced everywhere?

And who are they, the Russian speakers in Ukraine? Here are some examples. After World War II, my cousin, Ukrainian Vasyl Kozarenko, married Russian girl Masha. They had three children. Masha says: “In Russia, the nationality of the child is recorded according to mother’s nationality.”

Another example: my wife’s sister, Ukrainian Liudmyla, gave birth to two children, and her husband Mykola Kornikov says: “In Russia, the nationality of the child is recorded according to father’s nationality.” There are seventeen peoples in their families, all of them are Russian. So who will Mr. Putin protect?

Putin’ actions in Ukraine lead to death and destruction. But not only that. Putin humiliated the Ukrainian people, his TV informants agreed that Ukraine is not a state, and Ukrainians are not people. And when Ukraine recently tested its new missiles in the Black Sea, the Kremlin threatened a nuclear attack. 

If we go back to the history the “historian” Putin is knowledgeable about, Ukraine has the right to land from the Black to White Seas and from the Volga to the Danube because these were the lands of Kievan Rus’ Ukraine. As for the language, even when the Kyiv prince Yurii Dolgorukiy founded Moscow, as the chronicler writes, then the language was ancient Ukrainian.

And who protected Moscow from Napoleon? Ukrainian kozak Kutuzov.

During World War II, Ukraine played a crucial role: its factories, which were relocated to the Urals, its people, who made up a significant part of the Soviet Army and overran the Nazi army. Most of the marshals were ethnic Ukrainians, and all the soldiers of the army were also Ukrainians. 

The USSR became a space state thanks to the Ukrainian Serhii Pavlovych Korolov. The scientific basis for the theoretical understanding of space was created by Ukrainians. According to the project of the Ukrainian Kondratiuk, the Americans took the mission to the Moon. The mission to Mars will be performed by a Ukrainian rocket.   

Epidemics of plague, cholera, and typhus in the world were stopped thanks to the efforts of Ukrainians. The Ukrainian engineer created the mechanism stolen by the Soviet Union for the explosion of the first American bomb. Throughout its history, the Russian Empire has appropriated someone else’s. The song “Sevastopol, Sevastopol – the city of Russian sailors” is false because the Black Sea Fleet consisted of 80 percent ethnic Ukrainian Zaporozki Kozaky. By the way, Admiral Nakhimov is also a Ukrainian Zaporozhskyi Kozak. 

There is practically no sphere of development of the Russian Empire in which Ukrainians would not play a decisive role. Thus, Putin’s attempt to humiliate Ukrainians is a complete forgery. 

And no matter how hard the apologists of the Putin regime try, they will not break the spirit of the Ukrainians. With its hateful attitude towards Ukrainians, Russia has identified itself as a fierce enemy of Ukraine, that will have negative historical consequences.    

Firstly, the notion of “Slavic brothers” has been trampled. We are not your brotherhood! Secondly, the Orthodox Church is broken up. Ukrainians will not pray to Moscow priests.

Russians need to think about what Putin has done. It seems that Russia is moving away from Christianity, from all that Kyiv Prince Volodymyr the Baptist has dedicated. And if so, then Russia is approaching faith in Allah, and there are arguments for this statement.

Back in Soviet times, when the USSR was governed by L. Brezhnev, then Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union Tikhonov at a meeting with regional party activists in Dnepropetrovsk, warned that the worst thing to the state would happen when the color race takes over the government. Isn’t Putin’s policy the action Tikhonov was talking about, considering that the central positions in Russia are held by Muslims, of whom there are 20 million out of 140 million in Russia. 

At the same time, the question arises: why have Muslim immigrants invaded the whole of Europe, or have Muslim immigrants become weapons of pressure on Europe? So who is he, Putin? Is he prayed to God, what is the historical perspective, and how will it affect the future of Russia?

Not all Russians profess the morals of Putin and his supporters on TV shows: Kiselov, Solovyov, Zhyrynovskyi, and Ukrainian yanychary:

I am often asked

What is the worst thing for our country?

Answer: yanycharstvo,

That is hidden somewhere in a person.

But yanychary is not humanity,

It means betrayal, ignobility, and meanness.

And the worst thing for the state

Is his insidious, fierce sting,

Which, unfortunately, is everywhere today

Even spread in your native Ukraine.

These are Yanukovych, Azarov, Oliinyk, Andrii and Serhii Kliuiev, deputy Bondarenko and many others.

Let the traitors remember:

The country will not forgive betrayal,

They will be humiliated forever!!!

Russia, in the eye of Putin, has no prospects. It will inevitably disintegrate into separate state formations. This process has already started. China can occupy the lands of Siberia by peaceful means, the Urals do not want to make provision for Moscow, the Far East has no human potential for development, other regions are also ready for self-determination. The former Russian President Boris Yeltsin said that 40 states would be found on the territory of Russia. 

Therefore, instead of military action in Ukraine, Russia should preserve its forces for the development and security of its territories. 

The development of natural resources and their technological processing based on the achievements of the technical revolution is inconceivable in the conditions of military psychosis and the forcible occupation of foreign territories. Carbohydrate production and sale on the world market tends to become cheaper. They will be replaced by new energy resources. In Germany and Ukraine, there are experimental productions of energy from water. 

The prospect for humanity is provided that no madmen “will break up the Earth”. And such a danger exists, especially from some states, including Russia, which, unlike most countries in the world are voting to continue the war in Syria, to destroy its civilization.

I emphasize once again the immediate reform of the UN. We hope for an active position of US President Donald Trump. For all threats to the use of nuclear weapons, the UN must impose criminal liability and global financial sanctions. It is better to protect the world today than to rake up the nuclear ashes later. Our planet will not withstand the power of the atom, so crazy politicians must disappear from human life. Let everyone fight the military aggressor. 

 Professor V. Matvienko

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