Greetings on Ukraine’ s Independence Day

On the 24th  of August, 1991 Verkhovna Rada of USSR passed an Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine. A year later, on  the 20th  of February, 1992 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine introduced this day as Ukraine’s Independence Day. But only in 1990, on the  16th of July, Verkhovna Rada of USSR passed a Declaration of the State Sovereignty of Ukraine that brought Ukraine to its current status.

Time and time again Ukrainian people celebrate the anniversary of the date when the everlasting dream of Ukrainian people to be the  master of its own wonderful and perfectly good land has become true.

Ukrainians have been dreaming of living freely, keeping with the traditions and customs without any deprivation and oppression for more than one thousand years since the time of  Kyivan Rus.

Historical situation was not favorable to Ukrainian people, and the neighboring nations that were more consolidated by the central authorities were governing over Ukrainian lands. It is clear that the years of independence became a test for maturity, patience, tolerance and finally, for common sense. It is not question that hardworking Ukrainian people are able to improve quality of life in their own country.

I’m looking ahead with confidence in Ukraine’s future. This day will come and the more voluntarily we will be working for the sake of our motherland, and the greater patriotic feelings we will have towards the city we live in and towards Ukraine the sooner this day will come. Otherwise it is really hard to succeed, believe me.

The august blueness of the sky and golden grain fields blur together with the colors of Ukrainian nationhood in the hearts of Ukrainian people. Creation of the history of the mother land, its present day and future is the obligation of each of us and all people in general.

Let the powerful source of your talent and inspiration, endless optimism and creative vitality be a pattern of dedication to Ukraine, thus promoting its prosperity, encouraging its welfare and safety.

Let the Independence Holiday bring the happiness and well-being, understanding and consolidation, peace and love to our Kobeliaky houses together with the August scents of Ukrainian bread.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukrainian people!


With the best wishes

Volodymyr Matviienko


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