The book “Happy Birthday Ukraine!”

Our joint project with the deputies of the Kyiv City Council, the children’s book “Happy Birthday Ukraine!” was presented to the students of Kyiv schools. The collection includes front-line photos, paintings by the military, children’s letters to the soldiers, and patriotic lyrics by Volodymyr Matvienko. 

The main mission of the book is to explain to children what war is and why it happens through creation because only it can touch any heart without harming the still unformed little personalities.  

To this date, the presentation of the book took place in the Kyiv City Council, and two presentations were for children. The first presentation was organized as a part of the children’s holiday The Power of the Unconquered to the Day of the Defender of Ukraine in the Palace of Children and Youth. The second one was in secondary school No. 112 organized as a lesson of patriotic education. The children were sincerely interested in poetry, letters from their equals in age, and the works of the military. The theme of the war appeals to children’s hearts, and they sincerely empathized, expressed their views, and shared their writings. During the presentation at school No. 112, students performed patriotic songs, author poems, and handed out greeting cards to the front for the ATO soldiers. 

The book “Happy Birthday Ukraine!” became a kind of reason to talk about the war, to express support for the Ukrainian military and show their love of the Motherland:


I love my Ukraine,

Like my mother, I love her.

The symbol of Kalina is always in my heart,

That blooms in my native land. 

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